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Kickboxing Fitness
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Our kickboxing training begins with a series of stretching exercises. Our professional trainers will coach different punching and kicking techniques, with some special but interesting aerobic exercises and muscle trainings. We will also coach sparring skills, and arrange interactive training to our students. The training is suitable for all ages. Each session could burn around 800-1200 calories on average, which could enhance physical fitness.

Kyokushin Karate
Our class provides training in Kyokushin Karate of World Kyokushin BudoKai, it emphasizes on “mind”, “body” and “technical” as one spirit. Kyokushin Karate is a kind of strong martial arts with rich philosophy; it aims to develop a balance in physical and mental strength. Karate training helps student to have“a more focused spirit, and a more calm heart”. The training includes coaching on basic movements and techniques, kumite ( full contact sparring skills) and physical training. Please "click here" to get more information! OSU!

Kickboxing Fitness
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